Monday, May 29, 2023

Puzzle #208: Composition with Red Blue and Yellow

It feels like a while since I've posted a straight themeless here. This one's (pdf, jpz, pdf solution) got a gimmick - the grid is based on Piet Mondrian's painting Composition with Red Blue and Yellow and I didn't allow myself to use the letter R outside of the red section, B outside of the blue section, or Y outside of the yellow section - but otherwise it's a regular old themeless.

Also! If you're befuddled by Puzzle #207 from two weeks ago, check below the grid here for the answer.

Puzzle #207 solution: The puzzle asked for the theme entry in a hypothetical "TV shows without any writers" crossword that could already be found in the posted grid, which had no letters or clues. The intended answer is the number 15, which is the TV show PEN15 without its "pen." But one solver suggested "writer's block," in reference to the black square in the middle of the grid, which I think works just as well!


  1. Lots of fun and super creative, though I'm colorblind and the red section gave me some visual trouble. Love the misdirect on 9D an the clues on 43 and 62 across.

    1. Thanks Jeff! I should have thought about colorblind accessibility, I apologize for that.