Monday, November 13, 2023

Puzzle #218: Quick on the Pickup (with Brooke Husic) + puzzle suite!

I'm back with another collab with the great Brooke Husic (pdf, puz, pdf solution)! I told Brooke that I was making a puzzle suite inspired by one of my favorite things, and she came up with this theme idea as an announcement for the suite. Details about the suite below (spoilers for the revealer, so don't look until after you've solved the puzzle!).

Brooke says: "i know nothing about the topic of this puzzle except that it might make a good revealer. i'm glad will agreed and was down to include me in the promo for his pack!"









Thanks to the good folks at A24, I recently got to see my favorite movie ever (Stop Making Sense) in IMAX, and it was everything I dreamed of and more. It inspired me to write a suite of 16 puzzles, one puzzle inspired by each song performed in the movie. (The puzzles are written just by me, with no Brooke involvement, so they're not as good as the above one, but I think they're still pretty good.) The puzzles should be enjoyable even if you've never heard a Talking Heads song (but if you haven't, you should rectify that immediately, maybe even while solving the suite).

The suite is available as a zip file here, including .puz and PDF files for each puzzle, plus a PDF file with liner notes I wrote about why I like the film so much. Thanks to the inimitable Kelsey Dixon for test-solving all of them!