Monday, August 16, 2021

Puzzle #147: Freeform Freestyle 9

I'd planned to post a themed puzzle this week, but I haven't had time to clue it yet. So it's time for another freeform freestyle (pdf, puz, pdf solution)! This one's a 65-worder which started out with the big 8x5 chunk in the northwest. Happy solving!


  1. Tough puzzle. I esp. liked 55-A — I thought of something waving around a diploma. Surprised and delighted to see 22-A and 41-D. (I wrote the first “scholarly” article about Armantrout, 1994 — I know she’s been in crosswords before.) 3-D has a poetry connection for me — the fancy name appears in Marianne Moore’s “The Mind Is an Enchanting Thing.” There must be at least one other solver who will know the word from that poem.

    1. What an excellent Moore poem - thanks for sharing it!