Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Puzzle #142: themeless: block party by Malaika Handa

I'm very excited to present a guest themeless (pdf, puz, pdf solution) from Malaika Handa, who you probably know as the brains behind the very cool 7xwords project. In addition to running 7xwords, she publishes her own puzzles at this site. She also has a crossword in the next Boswords tournament, mere days from now, and registration is open here.

Malaika reached out to me to post her puzzle here because she says "ridiculous themeless grid" is something she associates with this site. An association I'm very happy to have! And indeed, this one's got an extremely zany and eye-popping 62-word pattern.


  1. I'm not sure your .puz file is properly formatted. I can't open it with my usual app. Looking forward to doing this puzzle!

    1. Interesting, it works when I open it in Across Lite - what app do you use?