Monday, December 12, 2016

Puzzle #5: Double Back (and Mystery Theme solution)

Last week's meta asked you to figure out the identity of the item that had been stolen from the crossword. Well, the theme entries were about Edgar Allan Poe's story "The Purloined Letter," suggesting that a letter had been stolen. But the crossword is a pangram, so where'd the letter go? In the Poe story, C. Auguste Dupin figures out that the purloined letter is actually hiding in plain sight, which suggests that the letter that's been stolen from the crossword is actually still there. The answer is the W at the intersection of TWIT and WHERE (the only W in the crossword) - if you remove the W, both of the clues still work: you get TIT for [Foolish person, in Britain] and HERE for [The stolen item is ___???]. Congrats to everyone who figured it out!

No meta this week, but you get a new puzzle (pdf, puz, pdf solution). Enjoy, and please share!

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