Monday, June 6, 2022

Puzzle #177: Verse Jumping

Today's puzzle is inspired by Everything Everywhere All at Once, a movie that I didn't particularly like (*ducks to avoid being pelted by fruit*) but which provides excellent crossword fodder. In the movie, the smallest decision can end up completely altering the trajectory of the universe, and that's just what happens in this puzzle. Depending on the choices you make at the beginning, you'll be presented with one of four different crosswords, each inspired by a different universe from the movie. (You don't have to have seen the movie to enjoy the puzzles, I think, though if you haven't the themes will probably seem bizarrely random.)

No puz, pdf, or embedded solve this time, but thanks to the wizardry of Alex Boisvert, you can give it a solve over at And speaking of Alex, he's raising money for pediatric cancer research, and has written five custom crosswords that he'll give to anyone who donates here. Check it out!


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  2. I just started getting into your crosswords through the New Yorker, and all of the ones I've done so far are amazing. And this one is just insane, for obvious reasons. I have to say, it is a little stressful not being able to check anything, but it's still fantastic. Currently stuck on the last one, the poem-Yeats puzzle.

    1. Thanks, finished it earlier today. Also holy shit, I just realized the meaning of the title AND the themes of each of the puzzles. You've got a huge brain for sure.