Monday, January 31, 2022

Puzzle #166: Well Kept Secrets (by Rose Sloan and Norah Sharpe)

This week's puzzle (pdf, puz) is a guest joint by Rose Sloan and Norah Sharpe. Rose and Norah say: "We're so happy that Will agreed to host our third collaboration. The theme for this one was birthed in a Twitch stream - thanks to momes for the inspiration! ;)" More spoiler-y thoughts from Rose below the puz.










Rose says: "It was delightful to get to work with a grid and a theme that are more technically complicated. The first thing I did when making this grid was write simple Python scripts to create two word lists: one consisting only of long entries that had no vowels other than E, the other consisting of all entries not containing E. I played around with the theme set and grid until I was able to get a grid that had all the Es in the theme entries crossed and that was otherwise fillable using the "no Es" list, and we went from there. It definitely took a few tries to come to a filled grid that we really liked, but we're super happy with the end result, and hope you are too!"


  1. Nifty theme, and fun to solve. I thought 53-D and 55-D were esp. clever. 63-D I think I understand (the song? or the book title? both?).

    And after this puzzle I understand why my daughter and I hate Dasani. (Years ago as a kid she called it "melty.")

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    1. Becca, thanks so much for solving, glad you enjoyed it!

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