Monday, June 28, 2021

Puzzle #139: Freeform Freestyle 6 (plus Humans Only meta solution)

This week's puzzle (pdf, puz, pdf solution) is another freeform freestyle, and I think it's a pretty tough one. Enjoy! Below the applet is the solution and explanation to last week's metapuzzle, Humans Only.

Humans Only solution

Last week's meta asked you to identify a famous model. At 72 words, the grid could have easily been a themeless - so where is the theme content hidden? Well, the title suggests that you should pay attention to the central entry, RECAPTCHA, clued as [3x3 grid with the instruction "select all images with cars," e.g.], since a ReCAPTCHA is a test designed to weed out bots and allow only human users.

The "3x3" in the clue is awfully specific, which suggests that you should try dividing the grid into a 3x3 lattice. If you do that, you might notice that the string CAR appears in exactly five of the nine sections. If you select all of those sections, they form the shape of a T (as seen in the picture below), so the answer is Model T - rendering the title ironic, since the answer is a machine model, not, as you might have initially assumed, a human model.

Congrats to everyone who submitted the correct answer! The winner, chosen at random from the correct entries, is Dan Bowden.


  1. Aargh! That's very good. Missed it chasing other rabbits.

  2. Agggh. I got everything except visually identifying the T. Great concept. - Ricky B