Suite Sixteen

Suite Sixteen: 16 Extra-Wide Themeless Puzzles

We live in a world where almost all crossword puzzles are 15x15, where phrases like A TEENAGER IN LOVE and ADELAIDE'S LAMENT are staples in themeless puzzles. And there's nothing wrong with a good 15x15, but I, for one, would hate to live in a world where you could never see PAUL BLART: MALL COP in a themeless because it's just too long. Some intrepid constructors have ventured beyond the 15x15 grid - Finn Vigeland's New York Times puzzle from February 10, 2018 is a great example. It's in that spirit that I present Suite Sixteen, a suite of 16 themeless puzzles, each designed to showcase 16-letter entries that you wouldn't be able to see in most crosswords. (Nothing longer than 16 letters, though. I mean, that would just be going too far.)

The suite costs $10 Canadian, and you can purchase it using the PayPal button below. (If you're opposed to using PayPal, send me an email at at we'll work it out.) You'll receive zip files with .puz and .pdf versions of the 16 puzzles, generally clued at a fairly challenging level. If you're on the fence, Puzzle 16 from the suite is available as a free sample here, as a puz and a pdf.